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This spectacular and unique 46.5 acre property, known as Bighorn Ridge, is located on the east side of Skaha Lake in the southern Okanagan Valley, the heart of British Columbia's wine and tourism country. 

Bighorn Ridge is a rare combination of: 

  • exceptional natural beauty, 

  • stellar lake views, 

  • superb vineyard/winery potential, and 

  • unparalleled privacy and security.

Only minutes from Penticton, capital of the South Okanagan, the property will be of particular interest to the discerning investor. This premium land provides superb agricultural and staging potential for a successful, high-end winery. Perhaps of even greater significance, wonderful privacy and indestructible views are awaiting your luxurious residence and extraordinary life-style on a splendid estate. 

Of the 23 acres of arable land, 11 are currently a profitable high quality sweet cherry orchard, supplying discriminating international markets for 20 years. Current buildings are very cost-effective and functional for any new venture.

Asking price: $ 4,595,000 

Map in Grass


Bighorn Ridge is located in the southern part of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada, about 50 km driving distance north of the US border.

The subject property is situated on the east side of Skaha Lake about half way between the Penticton city limit and the town centre of Okanagan Falls.

The UTM coordinates of the property’s approximate centre are:

11 U 0314630 5473100 (NAD 83)

Driving distance to the Penticton city limit is 5.5 km, to a major shopping mall about 10 km, and approximately 12.5 km to the Penticton city centre.

Physical Address

449 Parsons Road, Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada

Regional Administration

Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS)

Legal Description

Lot 4, District Lot 461, Plan KAP5867, Similkameen Division Yale Land District, PID 010-242-899.

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Total area of the Bighorn Ridge property is 46.49 acres.

Total Arable Land: 

approx. 22.8 ac (9.2 ha)


... of these are planted in cherries: approx. 11.25 acres (4.5 ha)


Terraced land :

approx. 1.6 acres (0.6 ha)

This area is partially arable and not included in the arable land acreage mentioned above.  It is estimated that approximately 50% of this acreage is actually arable.


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Forestry-Grazing (F-G)

Except approx. 15.2 acres (6.2 ha) along its eastern boundary the property is included in the Agricultural Land Reserve (see location & maps for details)


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Topographical Overview


The property is situated on the central section of a broad shoulder of the Okanagan Valley's east slope.

The property slopes upward at various grades from west to east and includes significant areas which are almost level.

Bordering to the north is the very steep decent to Matheson Creek, and adjacent to the southern border the land drops off steeply into the McLean Creek valley. 

The terrain to the east, the uphill continuation of the shoulder, features steep slopes with rocky outcrops mixed with deep draws flanked by rocky cliffs.  Especially during winter and early spring, the local bighorn sheep and mule deer population thrives in this protective terrain and is often seen browsing and resting on the ridges above the arable land. 

All of this surrounding land is part of large private holdings and does not provide public access.

Adjacent to the western border, agricultural land is found which descends  gently towards Skaha Lake. (see aerial view here)

Aside from providing the stage for stunning panoramic views over Skaha Lake and its picturesque surroundings, these natural features, in combination with the absence of direct road frontage along any of its borders except the very north-western corner, create an exceptional degree of privacy and security against unnoticed and unauthorized entry.  

Micro-topography and Elevation


A diverse topography is characteristic for Bighorn Ridge (see View Gallery). The terrain varies from almost level to moderately sloping (and steep in the terraced area) for the arable portions. There are no frost pockets present.

The non-arable land varies from moderately sloping to very steep.

The gate at Parsons Road at about 50ft (15m) above the Skaha Lake level (1,130ft / 345m) represents the property’s lowest elevation. The yard/lower flat area is situated at about 1,280ft / 390m and the elevation of the highest arable land is about 1,475ft / 450m. The property’s highest elevation of approx. 1,720ft / 520 m is found on top of the rocky mountainside along its eastern boundary.

Surrounding Land Use


The property has a very natural setting in spite of its proximity to the city of Penticton. It is surrounded to the north, east and south by natural land featuring the Ponderosa Pine – Bunchgrass vegetation typical for the Okanagan Valley. The land to the west consists of an exceptionally well managed mixed orchard and vineyard operation which also features a beautiful boutique-style fruit stand during the summer months.



The sloping areas of the arable portions have a predominantly western exposure facing Skaha Lake.


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The arable land is classified as  Class 1 (most suitable) in the official BC Atlas of Suitable Grape Growing Locations. 

(To view map, please click here.)

The atlas ranks a site’s vineyard suitability based on four criteria:

(To view a digital copy of the entire Atlas please click here.)

Bighorn Ridge is located in and constitutes the southern boundary of the Skaha Bench sub-appellation. For details please consult the technical report "Skaha Bench Sub-Geographic Indication" (2018) (here).

Besides being a prime location for a luxury estate, the land’s outstanding suitability for the cultivation of demanding wine grape varieties, combined with its location in the heart of the Okanagan’s wine tourism, suggests that an estate winery would make best use of the property’s economic potential.

Garden Hose Sprinkler


The property features a fully independent irrigation system

The irrigation for the cherry plantings consists of a contemporary timer-controlled mini-sprinkler system.

The irrigation system can be gravity fed from Matheson Creek (license for 30 acre feet) for the time period April 1st to June 30th. Matheson Creek is an intermittent stream and often dries out during the summer months.

The pumping system for the lake water supply (licences for 90 acre feet) consists of two centrifugal pumps which deliver combined approximately 150 gpm (570 l/min).

The entire irrigation system drains completely by gravity.

Domestic Water Supply

A shallow well, mostly used during winter season (license for 500 gal/day), is very reliable. The location for an alternate/additional deep well has been identified.

A domestic water treatment system for all buildings is integrated in the main utility building.

Water Licences

Irrigation water licences totalling 120 acre feet

Domestic water licence for 500 gal per day

Waste Water Treatment

There are 3 septic systems on the property: residence, main utility building, and the older modular home. All systems were regularly serviced and function well.

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Two-storey multipurpose utility building (1998); approx. 40 x 60 ft; 2x6 framing, exterior steel cladding and metal roof, fully insulated and finished (drywall); electrical and wood heating; 10.5 ft ceiling at ground level; showers/WCs, cooler, wood shop, mechanic area, domestic water treatment, office space, plenty of room for storage.


Modular home (1978) (14' x 66') combined with permanently built addition currently used as owners on-site residence (approx. 1,750 sq. ft). Basic but functional and cost effective accommodation ideally suited for full time employee: 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, small office, kitchen/living area. Electric and wood heat.


Older fully furnished modular home (1973), electric heat, currently used as accommodation for seasonal workers; approx. 48' x 12'


Double wide garage building currently used as storage space and summer kitchen for harvesting crew.


All season pesticide and protective gear storage building combined with sprayer filling station with containment.



  • Arable land: predominantly sandy loam

  • Non-arable portions: sandy loam to rocky outcrops

Deer Looking Back


  • All arable land is surrounded by a 9 ft high deer fence as well as a high voltage electric wildlife fence

School Bus


  • Electrical: 3-phase supply at main utility building and pumps, 220-single phase at residence.

  • Natural gas at lot line along Parsons Road


  • Multiple phone lines


  • High speed internet via TELUS wireless network


  • Garbage/recycling collection by the RDOS


  • School bus route at lot line


  • Property is included in Okanagan Falls fire district.

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