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This interactive photo gallery presents views enjoyed from the Bighorn Ridge property.

The images were selected to provide you with a good understanding of its interesting topography.  


To best display the property’s micro-topography, when available, photos were chosen which show the fruit trees at a young age. At this point in time (2018), all trees are in full production.

The location where each photo was taken as well as its individual view angle is shown on the index map to the right.

Click on the cameras to see the views.

View Gallery

Click On Cameras to see the views 

Photo Gallery 

Big, sweet cherries do not appreciate rain! After a July rain storm, all available options are used to dry the delicate fruit as soon as possible

Apex Mountain (2,247m /7,370 ft) Penticton's own downhill and Nordic ski resort, still wears a heavy blanket of snow when the cherries are blooming in the South Okanagan valley

Several varieties of table grapes surround the vegetable and herb garden

Bitterroot is another beautiful early spring wildflower which once was a valued source of food for the BC interior first nations

Arrow-leaved balsamroot, provides another feast for the senses during early spring . The showy flowers, can turn whole hillsides into a sea of yellow

California quails are some of the permanent residents of Bighorn Ridge. During spring,the male's distinct calls to mark their territory and gather the flock are heard throughout the day

Spectacular compositions of color and scents can be savored in the Okanagan autumn sun


Varietal differences in autumn leaf coloring in Blasted Church Winery's Vineyard, Bighorn Ridge's northern neighbor. The winery produces a wide selection of internationally recognized and awarded wines


About a dozen of different apple varieties are cultivated in the garden . Shown here are the impressive blossoms of a Bramley tree, an old English Variety

The afternoon and evening solar reflection on Skaha Lake is an important factor for the existing microclimate of Bighorn Ridge which is very conducive to the cultivation of high quality wine grapes

Premium cherries from Bighorn Ridge : world-class fruit for very discriminating high-end markets all around the world

By mid October , the rich colors of autumn have changed the appeal of the Okanagan Valley once again. In the background: Mt Parker , a favorite destination for a serious hikers in the area

Once a very important food source for the BC Interior native peoples, Arrow-leaved balsamroot likes warm, dry soils and an abundance of sun

Ripening Apples sunbathing in the Okanagan Sun

The blooming of sagebrush buttercups in early March signal unmistakably the arrival of spring

Nectarines are one of the very first fruit trees to bloom in spring. The garden contains about 25 trees which bear beautiful fruit every year

When the Nectarines are at full bloom, the cherry blossoms start to open

During early spring, mule deer are often browsing collectively on the warm sunny slopes around Bighorn Ridge where Mother Nature serves her first tasty greens of the season

The warm days of late April and early May soon cause a sea of white to appear. The warn air is filled with the sweet fragrance of cherry blossoms and the relentless hum of honey bees.

The famous Okanagan Sky... Annually , the South Okanagan is blessed with over 2,000 hours of bright sunshine

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