Bighorn Ridge Map Gallery

This photo gallery presents maps as well as aerial and ground based photos showing the location of the Bighorn Ridge property.

The copyright of the regional and parcel maps shown is owned by the Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS), the regional administration in charge.

For further information such as zoning boundaries, electoral districts, important wildlife habitat, and much more, please visit the mapping section of the RDOS website.

The RDOS has generously granted us permission to use the maps shown. Please note that neither the RDOS nor does warrant or make any representations with respect to the quality, completeness, currency or accuracy of anything contained in the maps and images presented.

All images can be enlarged in two ways:

1.) For a medium size format, click on the map to open a new window containing a larger version of the image. Close the window to get back to the gallery.

2.) For a large size format, click on the link at the end of each map’s description which says “(maximize)”. This will take you to a host site which is specialized on storing large image files. There, you will be able to enjoy the map in large format. It also allows you to download the map to your computer if you wish. Click the Back Arrow to return to the map gallery.

Description of imagePhoto A:

Approximate location of Bighorn Ridge on North America map.


Description of imagePhoto B:

Shaded regional relief map showing the Okanagan Valley from Okanagan Mountain Park in the north to the US border in the south. The approximate location of the Bighorn Ridge property is marked by the yellow dot. (© RDOS)


Description of imagePhoto C:

Shaded relief map of the southern part of Skaha Lake showing lot boundaries. The subject property is highlighted in yellow. (© RDOS)


Description of imagePhoto D:

Orthophoto of the surrounding of the subject property clearly showing parcel boundaries. The approximate location of the Bighorn Ridge property is marked in yellow. (© RDOS)


Description of imagePhoto E:

Orthophoto of the immediate surrounding of the subject property. The approximate location of its lot lines are shown in yellow. (© RDOS)


Description of imagePhoto F:

Aerial photo showing the topography immediately surrounding the Bighorn Ridge property. This photo was taken in 1992 before extensive levelling and replanting took place. (maximize)

Description of imagePhoto G:

Orchard map based on orthophoto (2006) showing irrigation and power lines, roads, and the location of buildings (pickers cabin, storage/summer kitchen, 2-level utility building, and residence). Please note: scale and direction of north indication are approximate.


Description of imagePhoto H:

Approximate lot lines of subject property (red) and boundary of Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)(thick black line).


Description of imagePhoto I:

Older topographical map showing the approx. location of lot lines in yellow. Please note that some of the features shown have changed over the years. Contour lines show 20ft (6.1m) increments.


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